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Good evening my loved ones! I'm totally healthy again after the past weeks full of sickness and injuries. Tomorrow in 2 weeks my exams start and I'm so nervous. I haven't learned yet and that's not so good, but luckily I don't have any subjects I absolutely don't understand. Tomorrow is Monday, and I'm so so ready!! Not so normal, but I did my homework and the other work from last week today, so I don't have to do something tomorrow. There's another reason why this Monday is not a normal Monday. My parents were in the US for 2 weeks and tomorrow they are FINALLY back. Gosh! I'm so happy. I know I'm not that young anymore but who does not need his/her parents?! As you already know I'm a total family person and to not have BOTH of them at home for 2 weeks it quiet hard! Actually a bit more when you have to manage all the housekeeping stuff alone. Cleaning, cooking, washing, etc. And then also your own stuff such as homework, learning, BLOGGING, dancing, all your hobbies. So hard. In those situations you realize how much your mum actually do every single day. Be thankful for everything! Parents, if you read this, thank you for everything. I miss you and I'm happy to have you back tomorrow (they're probably sitting in the airplane right now but maybe..haha) Hugs! <3 

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