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Good morning! Or bad morning? I'm so so so sorry I haven't posted something since Sunday -  I'm totally sick. When I've got home from the competition on Saturday, I felt not good. On Sunday it got worse and worse and on Monday I had so much pain in my throat I couldn't really eat something. It hurt like hell! But I went to school anyway and did everything I'm supposed to be on normal weekdays. But on Tuesday evening it was so bad that I couldn't even swallow without pain. On Wednesday I visited the doctor and he said I have an angina of the salpingopalatine fold (doctor's talk), and it is nearly a pharyngitis. It hurts soooo badly! Why does this happen to me all the time? Some weeks ago I had a tendonitis wrist, meanwhile I had some cough and now this. I am excused from school until Friday and I really hope that it gets better from Monday. I have to recover properly. Down below you see all the medicine I have to take (luckily they really help!). Bon Appetit! Love. 

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