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Good morning beautiful people! Hope you are fine. This weekend was too short in my opinion. SO much to do and no time. On Friday I met some friends to celebrate my best friends 18th birthday. We surprised her with a cozy dinner and it was so nice to spend time with them! Yesterday I had training for 5 hours because we have a competition next weekend. After that I was so exhausted that I had to sleep! Today I woke up at 7, don't know why. We have 7 hours of training today, which will be more exhausting than yesterday. Now I am having breakfast, means: a lot of coffee! I have an exam tomorrow and I haven't learned anything  yet (bad, very bad). When I come home tonight I have to learn until tomorrow I think haha! No just kidding. Let's do this!! Have a nice day - hugs! PS: My tendonitis wrist is healed, if you're wondering :-)

Sneak peek of the next posts, coming very soon :-)

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