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Good morning guys from sunny Paris :-)! This city is literally AMAZING! Sorry for not updating you yesterday but we had so much trouble with all our plans.. Anyways! When we arrived yesterday, we had to get dressed as quick as possible because we had to get our car to the Eiffel Tower. I had exactly 20 min to get completely dressed after a 5 hours drive. I had to do my make up in 5 min, which is so hard haha. But I did it! We had an amazing dinner in the 58 Restaurant in the Eiffel Tower. This view!! I will show you all the pictures later :-) Afterwards we had a 1 hour drive over the Seine and then we went straight to the MOULIN ROUGE. OMG guys, this show is the best I've ever seen. I did some pictures (actually it was not allowed to do pictures haha, but who would not do pictures of such an amazing show?!). We had a great evening and afterwards I fell asleep like a little kid. Now I am off sightseeing, see you later <3 Hugs! 



Good morning guys! Last post before I am off to PARIS. OMG I am so excited to visit this city for the third time and this time I have all my good cameras with me. I can't wait visiting this beautiful city. Hopefully I will be able to update you as often as I can :-) I actually really believe that we'll have Wi-Fi in the hotel but you will see when I am there. Now I have to put my shoes on - I am on my way to Parissssss :-) Hugs and kisses! See you soon Tour Eiffel and Musée du Louvre <3



Hello guys! Before I go to Paris I wanted to show you what I got for Christmas :-) I wished for one thing, the Ugg Boots. I have no idea why I love them so much - maybe because they are warm and comfy :-) There will be a separate post about my Ugg collection in the near future. Then I got my favorite Make Up foundation and an make up sponge/egg to apply the foundation, which I wanted to try for so long! I watched a review of the original make up egg and the other one from Ebelin. The reviewer said that there was only a minimal difference between those two. So if I have the option of a 20€ and a 2€ sponge, I chose the 2€. However, there will be a separate post about this as well. A very long wish came also true: I finally got myself a mason jar! I saw this jar so often on Tumblr. It is just perfect for summer and winter. Another long wanted thing is now mine, a card holder. After holidays I will put my initials in :-). Last but not least, I got my favorite pen in 8 different colors. Christmas is also for the small pretty stuff, right? :-) Happy girl! Love and hugs! <3

All the things I got :-)

L'Oréal Paris Le teint perfect match foundation in shade N2 and Ebelin make up applicator/sponge. 
Mason Jar from pt (in Karlsruhe, Grüner Krebs). Also available on Ebay, Etsy and Amazon :-)

Card holder from Brors! 
Favorite pens from Schneider in 8 different colors. Available on Ebay.

Ugg Australia Boots in black leather (other than the normal black ones, with leather)


Ahhh sorry for being so lazy! :( I took the festive days off to relax and get new energy for PARIS tomorrow - beyond excitement! Good morning btw. Today it's the 28th of December. Three more days and it's 2015. It sounds so weird when you say: 2020. Omg so weird!! Today it started snowing in here. I love snow. I am one of those who loves building snow men like a little kid haha. No just kidding. But I do love the real winter feeling, when it's totally cold outside and warm and cozy inside :-) Who agrees? I have to pack my suit case now, I will despair later I guess..First I am writing this post and drinking my banana milk shake :-) Stay updated, later today there will be a new post! Stay tuned, lots of love and kisses!


MERRY CHRISTMAS :-) I hope you'll have an amazing evening with your family/friends. For me Christmas is so charming because I am together with my closest ones. I appreciate it so much, despite of not being religious. I know Christmas is actually the birthday of Jesus but for me and my family it's an occasion to spend time together and to celebrate the upcoming year, because my siblings want to spend New Year's eve with their friends, so we are not together on this evening. Therefore we have this one special evening spending some time together. It will be so nice :-)! Kisses and hugs!

My Christmas through Instagram :-) See you there? @fionaschubert <3


Good morning guys! Hope the weekend has treated you more than well :-). Christmas is just around the corner and I have still so much to do (Christmas shopping, decoration, etc). I was in Luxembourg from Friday to Saturday night. I spent some time with my family and didn't want to write anything on my blog. These 2 days felt so good! We went to Luxembourg right after my last exam on Friday. As you know I was sick during my actual exam week, so I have to write another 2 after holidays. I have been so lazy in the last times, and I have no idea why. Today I will meet up with my best friend to take some pictures and drink coffee or hot chocolate, cozy times are the best! :-) Have a nice Sunday and hope you have a nice start for the last 2 weeks of 2014!! <3 Hugs!

Two shots from my IG. Follow me @fionaschubert <3


Hi guys. I totally forgot to show you my new shoes. These are my new babies!! I got them from my friends for my birthday, but they arrived a bit late. Now they are mine and I will treat them well! When I saw them I fell in love within 2 seconds and I knew I had to get them. What do you think? They are beautiful, aren't they? :-) I got them from and the shipping was great, the customer service is really nice and friendly. And OH MY GOD how beautiful is the packaging?! In my opinion the packaging is really important and I get happy when I know that the shop want a happy customer :-) Not complaining at all. Can't wait wearing and combining them on MANY MANY outfits! Hugs and love <3



Hi!! :-) Just wanted to show you an amazing video which shows the difference between lipstick colors. One girl, 7 personalities. It's so interesting how men think about this. I really love wearing lipstick because it brightens up my whole face. When you have a light nude color on, it looks natural but still chic, when you have a dark color or bright red on, it looks glamorous. Me personally, I really love wearing bright lipsticks during the week. I think it's everyones own opinion. Watch it! I loved this advertisement, tell me what you think :-) (suddenly it's in German, but you will understand it anyways!) Hugs!



Hello my loves, I hope you are fine. After 5 days of being sicker than never before, I started getting well. As you know I actually had my exams this week, but now I have to write them next week. ALL of them. It will be a lot for my head and my body. I hope I don't get sick during the holidays. I really wanted to update my blog, but do you know these moments when your mother says: No, you have to relax now and sleep. And this was the truth. I slept more than 60 hours in the past 5 days and now my body is feeling so much better. Sometimes you need a break from everything! I'm sorry for not posting anything, but in my opinion it has something positive: I have a million new ideas and I am full of energy, power and motivation. Who knows me probably knew I would not sleep all day long without doing anything.. I got inspired by other blogs and Instagram profiles. I have some New Year's resolution and I hope I will finally manage to make them true. I really hope you understand this, and thank you for those who wished me 'get well' :-) Hugs!

Sneak peek of one of my favorite shoots ever :-) coming very very soon!


Jacket - Zara, Fur vest - Pimkie, T-Shirt - Brandy Melville, Leggings - VS Pink, Shoes - Nasty Gal Shoe Cult, Bag - Vintage 


WHY ME? That's the questions I am asking myself since Sunday. I'm really sick. I have to throw up and have fever. I also have a sniff and cough all day. I can't eat anything because I can't keep it by me. AND THIS DURING MY EXAMS!! Why me?? Why now?? I had quite a lot of stress in the past weeks, therefore my body takes revenge now. Nice try. I hope I will be better as soon as possible. It's actually funny that I really want to write my exams, I've learned a lot. Others would be happy to be sick. AHHH. I can't stand up from my bed because my head is pounding like hell. Praying that I can eat something later today. I'm so hungry! Anyways, just a little update (thanks god I am able to do that). Hope you are better than I am. Hugs <3



Good morning! Christmas and New Year's Eve is just around the corner! For these special occasions you really need one (or two?) nice outfits. I picked my favorite dresses from Asos this morning, because I already got mine :-) I love this online shop when it comes to dresses! Especially evening dresses! I've chosen more elegant ones because I think Christmas and New Year is no event to wear a little black one. Hope you like them as much as I do, I actually wanted to order them all. PS: Tomorrow my exams start, wish me luck! Hugs! :-) 

Unbenannt #5
All dresses available at



NEW PHONE :-) Good morning guys! I wanted to show you what I've got from my parents for my 17th birthday - an iPhone 6!! :-) I used an iPhone 4 for the past 5 years and I was always happy with it. But this year I thought it's time for a change. I absolutely don't regret my decision. This phone is literally A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! The quality of the camera, the filters, the look, EVERYTHING. I was so nervous when I opened it because it's like a beginning of a new chapter, really! I'm happy to use it for the next years. And thanks again for all the birthday wishes, it makes me so happy and proud. Thanks a lot! Hugs :-)



SEVENTEEN!! Hello my loves! Today is my 17th birthday, 1 year until 18!! :-) I can't wait to begin my driving license and to get into my last year of school. I don't know why but it feels like I am changing in some way. I am getting more mature and responsible every single day. When I was 15 I was still like a kid, not knowing what to do. But now it feels like I have a million plans for my future. I am so thankful for my family and my friends. To have such a big support behind you is an incredible feeling. And you ofc :-) I am thankful for every single one of you! Needed to say that. Now I will get ready and prepare everything for this evening. Some of my best friends are coming over to celebrate, it's Tuesday, no big party (ok just a small one haha). Have a nice day, a billion hugs!! <3

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