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Good morning guys from sunny Paris :-)! This city is literally AMAZING! Sorry for not updating you yesterday but we had so much trouble with all our plans.. Anyways! When we arrived yesterday, we had to get dressed as quick as possible because we had to get our car to the Eiffel Tower. I had exactly 20 min to get completely dressed after a 5 hours drive. I had to do my make up in 5 min, which is so hard haha. But I did it! We had an amazing dinner in the 58 Restaurant in the Eiffel Tower. This view!! I will show you all the pictures later :-) Afterwards we had a 1 hour drive over the Seine and then we went straight to the MOULIN ROUGE. OMG guys, this show is the best I've ever seen. I did some pictures (actually it was not allowed to do pictures haha, but who would not do pictures of such an amazing show?!). We had a great evening and afterwards I fell asleep like a little kid. Now I am off sightseeing, see you later <3 Hugs! 

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