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WHY ME? That's the questions I am asking myself since Sunday. I'm really sick. I have to throw up and have fever. I also have a sniff and cough all day. I can't eat anything because I can't keep it by me. AND THIS DURING MY EXAMS!! Why me?? Why now?? I had quite a lot of stress in the past weeks, therefore my body takes revenge now. Nice try. I hope I will be better as soon as possible. It's actually funny that I really want to write my exams, I've learned a lot. Others would be happy to be sick. AHHH. I can't stand up from my bed because my head is pounding like hell. Praying that I can eat something later today. I'm so hungry! Anyways, just a little update (thanks god I am able to do that). Hope you are better than I am. Hugs <3

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