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Hello my loves, I hope you are fine. After 5 days of being sicker than never before, I started getting well. As you know I actually had my exams this week, but now I have to write them next week. ALL of them. It will be a lot for my head and my body. I hope I don't get sick during the holidays. I really wanted to update my blog, but do you know these moments when your mother says: No, you have to relax now and sleep. And this was the truth. I slept more than 60 hours in the past 5 days and now my body is feeling so much better. Sometimes you need a break from everything! I'm sorry for not posting anything, but in my opinion it has something positive: I have a million new ideas and I am full of energy, power and motivation. Who knows me probably knew I would not sleep all day long without doing anything.. I got inspired by other blogs and Instagram profiles. I have some New Year's resolution and I hope I will finally manage to make them true. I really hope you understand this, and thank you for those who wished me 'get well' :-) Hugs!

Sneak peek of one of my favorite shoots ever :-) coming very very soon!

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