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Hello guys! Before I go to Paris I wanted to show you what I got for Christmas :-) I wished for one thing, the Ugg Boots. I have no idea why I love them so much - maybe because they are warm and comfy :-) There will be a separate post about my Ugg collection in the near future. Then I got my favorite Make Up foundation and an make up sponge/egg to apply the foundation, which I wanted to try for so long! I watched a review of the original make up egg and the other one from Ebelin. The reviewer said that there was only a minimal difference between those two. So if I have the option of a 20€ and a 2€ sponge, I chose the 2€. However, there will be a separate post about this as well. A very long wish came also true: I finally got myself a mason jar! I saw this jar so often on Tumblr. It is just perfect for summer and winter. Another long wanted thing is now mine, a card holder. After holidays I will put my initials in :-). Last but not least, I got my favorite pen in 8 different colors. Christmas is also for the small pretty stuff, right? :-) Happy girl! Love and hugs! <3

All the things I got :-)

L'Oréal Paris Le teint perfect match foundation in shade N2 and Ebelin make up applicator/sponge. 
Mason Jar from pt (in Karlsruhe, Grüner Krebs). Also available on Ebay, Etsy and Amazon :-)

Card holder from Brors! 
Favorite pens from Schneider in 8 different colors. Available on Ebay.

Ugg Australia Boots in black leather (other than the normal black ones, with leather)

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