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WHOP WHOP! Hello guys! :-) Today is such a positive day because.... I drove for the first time in my entire life!! It was so much fun! When I arrived at the traffic training area (says google translate haha), I was so nervous and thought I could not drive at all. Luckily I had to drive an automatic car, so no clutch. But to accelerate, brake and to control was not that easy for the first time haha! But I survived and I can't wait to start my driving license! :-) Pay attention guys <3

Excited girl :-)
When I was driving - looks good huh? :-) loved it! (that's the sleeve of my dad's coat on the left haha)


Hello my loves! Some weeks ago I received this amazing blouse by Splendid Clothes from Denmark. I fell in love with this because it's something different that I usually wear. It has lace on the decollete and arms which is perfect for hot summer days :-) I wanted to wear it the next day but the current weather situation says NO. I will definitely show you how I am going to style it in. But this has to wait until the sun comes out again, hopefully very soon. Find the blouse HERE. Lots of love!  




Hello. I don't know how to begin..I thought I could do a more personal blogpost today since I haven't done this for a quite long time now and this day seems to be alright for a more emotional post. Today exactly one year ago my grandma passed away. In this time I wasn't able to do something, not going to school, not blogging, not doing anything. 1 month later I tried to do as many things as possible to get not remembered by this day. You can really say I tried to forget it, which sounds bad but that's how it is. It's very hard to write these sentences. I know she's with us because we all love her but it's still so freaking sad to think about it. Also because I am such an emotional person. Tomorrow will be a better day and it makes me happier to say that she's at a better place now. I am sadly not able to go to her grave because it's in Luxembourg but my family there will go there.  After 1 year, my heart started to heal a bit and I know she will always be by my side. I love you grandma and you will always be in our hearts.  Rest in peace.

Image from Google Pictures


Hellooooo :-) Here you have the second part of my Buddy Scrub review! After 2 weeks of using this product my skin couldn't feel any better! It is soooo smooth and silky, almost like the skin of a baby :-) On the body it feels like a moisturizing peeling that rub off all the top horny layer of the skin. Your body feels great afterwards :-) Definitely still a huge fan of this product. And again: You can find it HERE! Can't wait to open my second scrub. So much love, tell me your experiences. HUGS



Coat - Zara, Cardigan - H&M, T-Shirt - Brandy Melville, Leggings - VS Pink, Bag - Zara, Beanie - (find a similar HERE)



White coat (40€ in SALE) and a light blue fur jacket (30€ in SALE) both from Zara
Hello my loves! As already posted on Instagram, I wanted to show you what's new in my closet! How freaking perfect are those two coats? I can't get it that they are mine!! I searched for the perfect white/creme coat for ages and then I walked in Zara and found this perfect one - of course in my size and the last one (lucky meeee). The same thing for the blue jacket; I searched for a colored faux fur jacket for so long (because I am in love with my other faux fur jackets) and then I found it in store (unfortunately there were only size S and M left, so I had to purchase it online). Now they are both hanging in my closet waiting to get worn and combined many many times :-) Both are in SALE atm, if you hurry up, you can get them too <3 Love


Okay! Here's the first part of my Buddy Scrub trial. I can finally say that I am obsessed with it. I know I actually have to say it but it's the truth. When I used it for the first time I haven't really noticed any major changes. But on the second time my skin felt so much smoother, clearer and softer. My skin feels more hydrated and moisturized after using it. I hope that will continue within the next few weeks of using it :-) But for now I am a huge fan of it :-) If you want to use it once or twice it's absolutely worth it. You get a better skin after two applications! Go and order your Buddy Scrub HERE :-) What do you think? Do you have different experiences with body scrubs? I would love to hear them! :-) Next feedback will come in one week. Hugs! <3



Hello :-) Here's the third and last post of my Paris trip. Nothing big to say, just enjoy the pictures and tell me your experiences with this beautiful city :-) Lots of love and hugs 

The view of my balcony. Not that bad, huh? :-)
In love with these old Parisian buildings :-)
All black everythaaaaaang  

Happy girl :-) 
Wish I could wake up to this everyday :(
Freezing cold morning on my balcony..
This was pretty magical.
Picture taken in the middle of the streets (Champs-Élysées). Sunset behind the Arc de Triomphe :-)
My NYE menu :-) was so delicious. The restaurant was called "Café Sud Restaurant", if you need a good spot for your next trip.

The first hour of 2015 in the street of Champs-Élysées :-)
Last lunch in Paris
Sacré-coeur du Montmartre is breathtaking :-) 
After a pretty long hike we arrived to this beautiful building :-)
The view from the Sacré-coeur :-) 
All the polaroids I took from my Paris trip!
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