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Hello. I don't know how to begin..I thought I could do a more personal blogpost today since I haven't done this for a quite long time now and this day seems to be alright for a more emotional post. Today exactly one year ago my grandma passed away. In this time I wasn't able to do something, not going to school, not blogging, not doing anything. 1 month later I tried to do as many things as possible to get not remembered by this day. You can really say I tried to forget it, which sounds bad but that's how it is. It's very hard to write these sentences. I know she's with us because we all love her but it's still so freaking sad to think about it. Also because I am such an emotional person. Tomorrow will be a better day and it makes me happier to say that she's at a better place now. I am sadly not able to go to her grave because it's in Luxembourg but my family there will go there.  After 1 year, my heart started to heal a bit and I know she will always be by my side. I love you grandma and you will always be in our hearts.  Rest in peace.

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