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BEST OF 2014

Good morning. I know I am a bit late with this post, but better late than never right? :-) I thought I could do a recap of 2014, which was a really really good year. I experienced so much and I am thankful for everything I have done. But as every year, there were some unexpected negative days. I hope the year 2015 will bring me joy and happiness and no sadness at all. Hope you like it, love and hugs! :-) PS: Maybe the pictures are not in the correct order.. I have an extern memory board!

Spent my New Year's Eve in Belgium :-)
Got an invitation to Fashion Week Berlin from Stylight :-)
Met my biggest inspiration Kenza! :-) One of the happiest moments in my whole life. 
Got this beautiful babys on a very difficult way because they were sold out everywhere. 
Spent an amazing summer in Turkey.
Happy times in Turkey! 
Did many pictures ofc :-)
One of my favorite shoots ever :-)
My blog had its first anniversary. Changing my blog into :-)
Started doing more pictures!
Bought one of my biggest dreams: a polaroid! 
Did an amazing trip to Sorrento and Capri with my fam. 
Got a present from Triangl Australia, featuring it in Mallorca :-)
Got my hands of one of the pieces of the AlexanderWangxH&M collection! 
Got my beautiful iPhone 6 after such a long time of waiting for my birthday :-))) 
These croco shoes were finally mine!
Got featured for the first time in the MessMagazine! 
Was 3 days on a festival! Das Fest Karlsruhe
Got featured for the second time in Cross The Line X :-)
Did photoshoots :-)
Had an amazing trip to Mallorca!
Got my beloved new Macbook after working with a bad one for 5 years. One of the best days ever!
Last but not least: Spent New Year's Eve 2014 in Paris :-) 

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