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Okay! Here's the first part of my Buddy Scrub trial. I can finally say that I am obsessed with it. I know I actually have to say it but it's the truth. When I used it for the first time I haven't really noticed any major changes. But on the second time my skin felt so much smoother, clearer and softer. My skin feels more hydrated and moisturized after using it. I hope that will continue within the next few weeks of using it :-) But for now I am a huge fan of it :-) If you want to use it once or twice it's absolutely worth it. You get a better skin after two applications! Go and order your Buddy Scrub HERE :-) What do you think? Do you have different experiences with body scrubs? I would love to hear them! :-) Next feedback will come in one week. Hugs! <3

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