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Hi people! Is it really 4 days since I last updated my blog?! OH GOSH I AM SO SORRY! :-( It's so damn hard to do everything. I LOVE blogging so much, but my grades are more important than blogging, because maybe I will sit in school for more 3 years when I blog every single day without learning... But I PROMISE, that I'm gonna blog more regularly from the 2nd anniversary of Fashion Keyword. Yes, next month my blog exists 2 years. Time goes by so freaking fast. I remember when I starting doing random pictures in my house haha. Anyways, I am done with all my exams now and there will be only some 'little' tests during the next few weeks (one on Monday ahhh). Today it's finally Friday, which means: relax! I had quite hard dance lessons on Wednesday and today and my muscles are more sore than never before (this has rhymed haha!). I am drinking hot chocolate now and checking some e-mails. Then I will sleep until tomorrow night I think. I am so tired. That's when you live in your bed and pyjamas the whole holidays! :-) Enough said now, enjoy your weekend and be sure to check my blog on Sunday. There will be a little 'Sneak Peek' of the new FASHION KEYWORD :-) Lots of hugs, love and kisses!

Always stay focused on what you really LOVE <3

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