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White coat (40€ in SALE) and a light blue fur jacket (30€ in SALE) both from Zara
Hello my loves! As already posted on Instagram, I wanted to show you what's new in my closet! How freaking perfect are those two coats? I can't get it that they are mine!! I searched for the perfect white/creme coat for ages and then I walked in Zara and found this perfect one - of course in my size and the last one (lucky meeee). The same thing for the blue jacket; I searched for a colored faux fur jacket for so long (because I am in love with my other faux fur jackets) and then I found it in store (unfortunately there were only size S and M left, so I had to purchase it online). Now they are both hanging in my closet waiting to get worn and combined many many times :-) Both are in SALE atm, if you hurry up, you can get them too <3 Love

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