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Hi! Yesterday I went through all my posts of 2014 and found my list I've done for my 2014 resolutions. I thought I could do a: Have I done this or not post haha :-). Here we go:

List of 2014:

1. Lose weight (I ate so much last year that I gained 10 kg. They have to go!!)
2. Getting better grades in school (I've got my grades back today.. I have to kick my ass and learn!)
3. Improve my blog (Better pictures and improve the design)
4. Save money! (I want to buy a lot of things this year so I have to save some money!)
5. Travel (I want to see more this year, next trip: Stockholm!)
6. To be tidy (My room always looks like hell, it's a real mess haha)
7.  Take time for my friends and family (Had so much to do the last year..)
8. It's a long way to the top (Never give up)
9. Be disciplined (I do things for 1 week, then I stop.
10. Change sleep routine (I go to bed at 12 or 1 o'clock and I wake up at 9 or 10, not good for me)

What I have really done:

1. I was really motivated at the beginning and I signed up at the gym, but I went there only 10-15 times in the whole year. But I ate healthy and danced twice a week, so I lost a bit of weight. I also grow a bit :-)

2. I am currently in the pre-graduation year, which means in year 2016 I am done with school. It got a lot harder than I thought, my first exams are finished, but I have to write 2 more after holidays and then I will get my grades. Hopefully they are better than last year!

3. Yes I really did this point right :-) My blog turned 1 in February 2014 and I designed my blog completely new. And I really tried to improve the quality :-)

4. I really raised money :-) Wuaaaay! I started working for my money so at the end of the month I had more money than in the last year. Proud :-)

5. In 2014 I visited Brugge, Den Haag, Brussels, Berlin, Sorrento, Rome, Capri, Mallorca, Turkey and Paris. Pretty good, no? :-) 

6. No this point is still the same. 

7. I tried to combine my blog with family and friends. For example I shoot with my bf or with my parents so I spent time with them! :-)

8. I still never give up!

9. I got more disciplined!

10. I think I never slept so much than in 2014. I was sick 3 times or so. I told myself to go to bed at 10 o clock and it really worked :-)

Now I want to know what you did of your resolution list! Is there anything you can agree with? Tell me everything, I would love to hear it :-) love!

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