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Hi! Here's the second day of my Paris trip.  I feel so happy when I think about the memories, but I am also sad because of the Charlie Hebdo attack. All my love and prayers go to all the victims and their families who were affected by it. As I said on Instagram: Nothing good will ever be achieved with violence! Nevertheless I hope that you like the pictures  Hugs

Café at an old french café bar :-)
Notre dame (reminded me of the film "The Hunchback of Notre-Dame" :-) 
This is the "Kilomètre zéro", the is a particular location from which distances are traditionally measured :-) In front of the Notre-Dame.
The Louvre museum :-) so old and so beautiful! 
Sunny place du Louvre :-) No filter needed.

In front of the Louvre :-)
The spectacular tree in the Galeries La Fayette. Breathtaking!
Arc de Triomphe :-)
The beautiful Eiffel Tower
I look so orange/fake tanned but that's because of the light :-D
Academie nationale de Musique
Incredible sunset :-)

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