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28 days later...Hello guys, today is the 28th, what means the last day of my Detox Skinny Herb Tea review. Drinking Tea for one month was something completely new for me, but it was a great experience. Normally I drink tea in winter, but now I start to like it on warmer days as well. Anyways, let's start with the final review! :-)

First of all, the positive: I surely noticed changes in and on my body. The two highest points of my experience are: Less bloating and decreased hunger pangs. I am the kind of girl who eats what she wants, always. With this tea, I felt less bloated and less hungry. I now feel a little bit thinner/slimmer. Although I don't do that much sport, I lost weight, and that's what counts, right? :-) I also felt a difference in my energy and body image. In the description it says: Clears the skin and gives more energy. That's true. Ex: I had some red places on my arms and legs, and they are slowly but surely disappeared. They are not completely away but it got much better after drinking this tea, only for this I am very grateful :-)

 Now the more or less negative part: I had the honor to try it as a blogger, so I got it for free. But I do know some people who would not spend around 60$ for tea blends (me included).

Final word: This tea is great in addition to your gym routine. If you really want to lose weight, you can invest your money in this tea because it helps to accelerate this process. If you only want to detox, means, cleaning your body, you can eat lots of fruits or drink many bottles of water. It may have the same effect at the end. I totally agree with people who drink this tea to lose weight, but if you want to drink a normal tea every morning or/and evening, a peppermint or chamomile tea suffice. It was a great experience and I would recommend it to people who have their gym routine, want to lose weight and need something to accelerate the process. I really want to know if this helped you! Please write below if you liked it or not, if I should do posts like this more often? Please tell me :-) Special Thanks to :-) The End!

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