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Hellooooo :-) Today is the previous last post about my Detox tea experience. 3 days left aaaaah. But I have to tell you more about the effects on my body :-) At the beginning I could not say much about the differences but I sure can now! So I drank it for 3 weeks now and I lost more and more weight after the last week. I also recognized a difference on my skin. It is clear and soft and smooth. I used to have some rednesses and spots on my skin, predominantly on my arms and they are disappeared. I stopped eating in-between times. I had my meals three times a day and that was actually enough (which was never like that!!). What else could I say? Maybe that it is soooo comfy to drink a hot cup of tea every 3 hours hahaha :-) The last post will be on the 28th, the last day of February and also the last day of my 28-day detox experience :-).  As usual, I hope I could help some of you :-) Now I am drinking my night time tea while writing this. Hugs and love!!

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