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IT'S HERE!!! The new Fashion Keyword 2.0! First of all: Thank you for supporting me and believing in me. I absolutely love what I do because I do it with so much passion, ambition and all of my heart. After 2 years of blogging, I can tell you that I've learned so much - from me and also from others. I learned how to appreciate everything you get and to move on and never give up, no matter who or what wants to stop you. If you have a dream, realize it; if you have a passion, live it and if you love something, adore it more and more each day. Once you fall, you have to get up again and again. 2 years are a long time, but for me it's just the beginning. I have to learn and get better and better. And this is what I am doing - improve my blog. I really hope you like the new design of my website. If you have any questions regarding something that interests you, please ask me. I want to talk more to you guys :-) For tonight I made a special '2 years cake' and I spoiled myself with a little Pandora Charm (last picture). The camera symbolizes my love for photography :-) And of course a little bit of alcohol too.. It is called Trojka. This is the most beautiful vodka I know. It is freaking PINK. It's so me haha! No just kidding, but it's really beautiful! It has a fruity taste and is delicious! (No I don't do advertising for alcohol..). Anyway! Let's do the best of the third year. Lots of love and hugs! :-) <3 PS: As expected there were some complications with the new layout, means HTML/XML. Therefore not everything is the way I wanted it. But I didn't want to wait to show you the new look. The problems will (hopefully) be solved within the next few weeks..

Anniversary cake made by me :-)
Spoiled myself with a little gift and alcohol.. (It isn't really spoiled.. Isn't it?)

Kissed and some balloons ofc :-)
My new little camera charm :-) Some things that symbolize me on my wrist! :-)

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