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Good morning! Happy Saturday (or for those of you students) - happy holidays! 3/4 school seasons are now done! After the holidays there are only 2 months left until my exams and then SUMMER HOLIDAYS. Can't wait! Today I wanted to show you my Saturday look :-) During the school week I wear the simplest clothes and have 2-3 make up products on my face (who wants to get up earlier than necessary?), but on weekends I love to style myself the way I like (high heels etc). In the pictures you can see how I did my hair and make up today. More than usual but still natural :-) Hope you like this look, leave a comment what you think :-) Hugs!

The products I used in order:
L'Oréal Paris Perfect Match foundation in color N2
P2 Bronzer 020 Acapulco Sun
P2 Eyebrow pencil in Date with Ash-ton
Essence Eyeshadow 17 Teddy
Essence Eyeshadow 01 Chill out (shimmer effect)
L'Oréal Paris Volume Million Lashes Mascara Extra-Black
Dr. Hauschka lip liner 03 romantica

For my big curls I used the "Philips Volume Multi-Styler BHH814/00", find it HERE



Hellooo. As already said here's a new post :-) This time I wanted to share with you guys some room/interior details because it was highly requested via mail. I think it's something very private and intimate. If you have an apartment you can have your private stuff everywhere in some closets but if you have only one room, you have to pay more attention on what to show and what not. And in my room you can find the funniest things, but they have a story to tell, which I think, is very important! You can actually say that, in my case, my room is my life. And maybe you noticed it already on Instagram but I found a big love and inspiration in cacti (yes that's the plural of cactus haha). They are so beautiful aren't they? Anyway :-) If you have any questions regarding the stuff, please feel free and ask me :-) So much love and hugs! <3 

Lipsticks, lipbalms and lipliners and in the second row all my jewelry and pretty stuff :-)
Closer look to the lip products.
Two of my cacti :-) And favorite sunnies from Ray Ban.
Box filled with sunglasses (you may know that I am addicted to sunglasses haha) and cacti again :-)

Natural beauties (in the true sense of the word!)
Fashion books: Influence by the Olsen twins and It by Alexa Chung :-)
My favorite shoes in the front row :-) Always the best for my babes!! <3
Shelve filled with memories and beloved things :-) 


Hi! It's again almost a week ago since I last posted something.. I really should stop to promise something and start to do what I say. I am so sorry guys. Really really sorry. I try my best to update every week and regularly but it's so freaking difficult. Sometimes I don't have time or I have no photographer or I am in a bad mood or the weather is not good. There is ALWAYS a reason not to take pictures, but it should be in the opposite way. Now I stop promising guys, promise :-) I wanted to tell you nevertheless that I have some other posts to show you :-) Maybe on Thursday or Friday, but in the next few days :-) I hope you like this post anyway!! <3



Hi guys! Here's the second part of my White Daisy Clothing presentation. The first necklace is special: it has the infinity sign and the hamsa hand in one. You can wear it in different ways which I really love! The second one is matching with a bracelet and has the hamsa hand on it :-) I am going to wear these a lot in summer, that for sure. If you haven't seen the other pictures, click HERE. If you also need these necklaces, click HERE :-) Leave a comment if you like them. So many hugs and kisses and smiles!



Hello my loves! I spent the weekend in Austria. These two days were so much needed after so many stressful weeks. We skied, had good talks and ate a lot! I had not that much internet, that’s why I am uploading these pictures now. The sunrise in the mountains is breathtaking. Every time I wake up and see it I am speechless. Our nature is truly beautiful! Now I have so much pain in my legs but I am happy as well because I had some rest time :-) Stay updated because there will be the second part of my White Daisy Clothing presentation tomorrow on the blog. Love! 



Hello my gorgeous readers :-) Today I wanted to introduce you into an amazing online store which is called: White Daisy Clothing. On the pictures I am wearing some of their unique jewellery pieces which I am absolutely obsessed with! They are perfect for summer. You can find so many different and still so beautiful items on their website, so it is totally worth a look :-) There will be another post with 2 other jewellery pieces and I hope you like them as much as I do. If you have any questions considering material, quality or other, please contact me or send a mail directly to their office :-) Happy shopping on Hugs!

Both necklaces found on :-)
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