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Hi guys! Here you have the first part of the photos I spoke about in my last post. The look shows my latest make up obsession, which is a natural shimmery brown eyeshadow look with my new Mac Cosmetics lipstick "Please Me" on the lips. Hope you like the look as much as I do :-) more details will be in the second part. PS: Tell me if you like these kind of posts! Lots of love!


Good morning guys! If you follow me on Snapchat you might have seen me editing my latest pictures. And today I wanted to show you the sneak peek of this post :-) It's actually my favorite and go to look. Which products I used and what I love about it will be on here in the next few days, so make sure to be updated :-) So much love and hugs and happy Sunday <3



Hello guys! As you may know I am selling most of the clothes I am not wearing anymore on my Kleiderkreisel profile. And now I uploaded some new products :-) So if you fall in love with anything, please feel free and contact me via the messenger :-) Lots of love. Shop HERE

Here you see some of the products I am selling right now :-) Happy Shopping! <3


Hello my beauties! Today it's all about Make Up because some of you wanted a 'haul' kind of thing for my lip products and ofc I am following this request with pleasure :-) But I won't show you every lip product I own because it would take too much time. But I can kill two birds with one stone (saying in English, no panic), because I actually wanted to show you what I got in Madrid and now I can put this into this post as well :-) So here we go, I am going to show you different products and also lip products :-) Hope you like it, you can find the descriptions beneath the pictures. Hugs! 

Everything except the 2nd lipstick I bought in Madrid. So happy with all my purchases! The first lipstick is a beautiful purple/berry/plum color and the second a vibrant red one. The lip pencils are now my two favorites of all my lip pencils! They are so long lasting but so creamy and so damn beautiful. The last product is a matte brown eye shadow. I have one with glitter and now I wanted a matte one. So in love, and the best: They are not high end, means they are not too expensive! :-) PS: The 311 lipliner is my absolute favorite of all!! ;-)
Here are all my Kiko nail polishes. The two last ones I bought in Madrid. They are perfect for summer and I will definitely buy more, because they are the most amazing nail polishes I know! They are super long lasting (more than a week is super long without flaking off!), they dry really quick and you only need one coat to apply for strong opacity. The first three I have a bit longer now and the dark red one is my all time favorite :-) My perfect color haha. So happy with these too and also not expensive :-)
Then my (big) collection of lip pencils/lip liners. I can't talk about each one but my favorite ones are 3, 5, 7, 12, 13 and 14 for everyday :-) More details beneath the next picture!
Here all lip pencils and liners swatched: 

1. Dobner Kosmetik Lipliner 04
2. Versace Lip Pencil V2009 X17
3. Dr. Hauschka 03 Romantica 
4. Lancôme Contour Pro 204 Violet prune 
5. Rival de Loop Young Lipliner 06 rosewood
6. Astor Lipliner 008 Sand
7. Essence Lipliner 07 cute pink
8. Chanel Crayon Lèvres Nuit
9. P2 maxi lipstick 020 forever cayenne
10. UMA Cosmetics Matt Lipgloss pink
11. Dobner Kosmetik Lip liner 01
12. Essence Lipliner 15 honey berry
13. Essence Lipliner 08 red blush
14. UMA Cosmetics Lipliner pink
Here my oh so amazing purchase: My very first Mac Cosmetics products :-)
I opted for a lipliner and matching lipstick. So exaggerated abnormal infinitely happy :-)))))
 My first Mac lipstick is called 'Please Me' and the matching lipliner is called 'In Anticipation' which are the perfect names, aren't it? I don't dare to use them haha, but I am so damn happy :-)


T-Shirt - Brandy Melville, Skirt - H&M, Shoes - Even&Odd
Hi guys :-) On the roof of our hotel was this incredible terrace with a view over Madrid. So beautiful. We don't had time to enjoy it for a long time but I spent there half an hour and it catched my breath. And PS: I can totally recommend the hotel where we stayed. The staff and rooms were absolutely perfect. The breakfast was kept small but sooo delicious. The view of our room was also amazing. The city was 5 min away and could be reached on foot. If you wanted to go sightseeing, the metro took you everywhere. All in one, the hotel was perfect. Love and hugs!


Hello :-) I wanted to tell you more things about Madrid. In every restaurant or bar you get these little snacks called Tapas. They come in every single way, fish or meat, vegetables or fruits, sweet or salty. They are so delicious and are a must try in my opinion. We ate these almost everyday and were perfect in between exploring and sightseeing. Try EVERYTHING out, because delicious has not always to be beautiful. Here you can see some of the tapas I tried and loved. Definitely going to make these at home for my family and friends. They are perfect either for brunch, lunch or dinner :-) Love!



Hello :-) Here you have some sightseeing shots from Madrid. This city is so damn beautiful. I don't know why it isn't known as a "must seen" city as Paris, London, etc. I will definitely come back one day only for photo shoots haha. I have to say that the people in this city are so kind and nice and the city is so CLEAN! Maybe you don't even noticed it in other cities but when I compare it to Paris, Madrid is much more cleaner. The prices were also very cheap. When I was in Italy, I payed 6€ (!!) for a 1 liter bottle of sparkling water in restaurants, but in Madrid I payed maximum of 4 everywhere?! The food was also cheap but super tasty. Oh I fell in love with this city!! Want to go back ASAP. Enjoy the pictures, love <3



Dress and bag - Zara, Shoes - HERE, Sunglasses - Ray Ban, Watch - Rado
Hello my Easter bunnies! Happy Easter to y'all out there. My Instagram feed was full of bunnies and eggs and love. Such a cozy time of the year. Here you have one of the outfits I wore in Madrid. Damn I love this leather dress, or better I love leather! I know black is actually not a happy colour but it makes me happy haha. And the Ray Ban sunnies are also my favorite and must have for spring/summer. As it was warm enough, I could already wear my s/s clothes which made me really happy. Now I am back in cold but sunny Germany and I am trying to think positive and remember how amazing the sun beams felt on my skin in Madrid. Hope you like it xx 


Hey guys!! :-) I am back in the hotel room writing this. Here you have some random shots from today's day. I am a bit tired after these long 2 sightseeing days but the walking was so worth it. We saw literally a million beautiful spots of this amazing city. Today we walked down the street where our hotel is and there was a street full with expensive stores such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dolce&Gabbana, etc. It was so nice to see all the new S/S 15 collections in front of you (after I saw them in fashion shows only). Afterwards we went to the Reina Sofià museum. This is one of the most amazing art museums ever. To see Picasso's "Guernica" was also a big pleasure for me. And after two hours in the museum we went back to the hotel. If you have any questions about anything, please ask :-) One more thing: it's hard to update you here or in Instagram, because I only have internet in certain places, but I try my best. On Snapchat I can show you a story of pictures and videos. Feel free to follow me there @fionaschubert. And one thing for sure: This won't be the last time I'm here. Love! <3

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