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Hello my beauties!! This week is the most stressful week ever. I have SO much to do, it's unbelievable. I think you know that when you are in school and everything is very chill and then, 2 weeks before your exams start, your teachers want to make sure that you know eeeeverything - so they do lots of tests, presentations and graded homework. And after all this stuff you have to manage to run a blog, go to piano and driving lessons, stay in shape and eat and sleep. WHAT. Yesterday I was still working on my presentation 'til 1 am and today my teacher told us that we are going to start the presentation next week. Yeah, that's basically my life right now. BUT I finally found some time to go on my blog and I noticed that the blog reached 80K views!! WOW :-) This makes me so happy after such a long day. Thank YOU :-) And I recently got some very cute messages regarding my outfit posts. You are all so sweet and kind :-) Many kisses, and PS: There will be an outfit post tomorrow on the blog. LOVE

Some pictures of my Instagram profile :-) See you there? @fionaschubert

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