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Hello guys! Today is the first day of my summer holidays and I am already enjoying them. Yesterday we had school 'til 12.20 and then I went straight home and slept a bit (despite the beautiful weather). This morning I went to the beautician for a facial cleansing and it felt SO good. It is always so relaxing and soothing! :-) Unfortunately I am always so red when I leave. But some ice and this is fixed too! I don't have more plans for today, just relaxing in the sun and eating. This week's highest degree shall be 39° in GERMANY? So freaking crazy! I don't know what I am going to wear but it has so be more than airy! Wish you an amaaaazing day. Enjoy! <3

Sneak peek of the upcoming post :-) All about blue details! 


Hello everybody :-) Today's day was awesome! I've planned a BBQ for a long long time because it's simply amazing. You have your friends around you with good food and lots of fun! Since my summer holidays are starting on Monday I thought today would be perfect. Some friends came over to my place and we made some food together. Cooking is so much fun! Especially when it actually turns out delicious haha :-) The weather was also amazing, I hope it will last a bit longer than the past few weeks. In the weather forecast they said that it will be raining tomorrow? But yesterday and today it was 26° and on Sunday it shall be 28° and sunshine? I don't understand that.. Anyways. I hope I can make a few outfit pictures tomorrow, since I have 9392398 new clothing items haha :-) Kisses!



Hello people :-) As promised here a little haul from me. I told you that I ordered some stuff a few weeks ago. Then there were some problems with the deliveries but now everything is fine! :-) On my rack it's pretty colorful atm. Normally there is always black, but I started to buy clothes in another color than black, if possible. And I think it looks good! Currently I am in love with khaki/olive green and blue. They look amazing either with black or white. And can you please tell me how stunning my new jacket is? OMG it's so beautiful I'm dying!! This croco print makes my heart beat faster haha. I couldn't find all the links but some pieces are still available, so it might be worth a look :-) PS: Outfits are on their way! LOVE

Everything new on my rack :-)
closer shot (I've tried to put some color into my wardrobe, hopefully it will last haha)
It's all about black, olive green, khaki, blue and white :-)
The most beautiful jacket I've seen in ages. So in love! Find it HERE :-)
Olive green T-Shirt. Perfect basic piece! (Unfortunately not available anymore)
New sport pants :-) These fit perfectly and make a gorgeous shape :-) Find it HERE
aaaaamazing. So in love with the cut. Bought them three years ago in black and still love them :-) Find it HERE
Favorite summer dress :-) I am going to wear it a lot! (Couldn't find it anymore :( sorry)
If you are searching for the perfect white tee, this is the one! It's such a basic piece but still so hard to find. Find a similar one HERE
Maybe you remember this leggings; I bought it 1 and a half years ago and my old one looks horrible. So I needed a new one and it's finally mine again :-) 
And last but not least a new V-neck sweater. It was in the sale section of H&M, so have a look :-) It is a bit over-sized but I think that's cool :-)


Dress - Zara, Sandals - Even&Odd, Bag - Vintage, Watch - Jaeger-LeCoultre, Bracelet - Pandora, 
Hello my loves! Here a new outfit post :-) I can't describe how much I love this dress! I saw it on Instagram and thought: I have to get this! It was always sold out online and I literally went on Zara's homepage every single day. And some days later it was finally mine :-) The perfect summer dress. It is comfy, summery and also chic. You can also wear it as a tunic, blouse and top if you like :-) Love love love this outfit, it's my go to summer outfit! I really like to put on a simple dress with shoes and a small bag and you have a finished good-looking outfit. Simple, casual and still beautiful. Hugs!


Good morning people :-) Hope you are all fine! I am feeling great this morning, I have two exams left and then only one week 'til SUMMER HOLIDAYS! Argh, so many plans! Today I have a free day, so I am getting ready now, having breakfast and then get some stuff done. I am currently waiting for some packages to arrive, because I am way to excited haha :-) Can't wait to show you my new goodies I am going to wear SO much. I don't know if that's only me who does this but every time I receive a delivery my room has to be completely tided up because I want it to be very special haha. Oh what problems. So I have to clean up my room until 1 pm - let's do it! PS: There will be a new outfit post on the blog tomorrow at 3 pm. See you there? Love!

Sneak peek and close up details for tomorrow's blogpost. Would love to see you! 


Hello guys :-) Quick post in-between! I am currently in my 'detox-week' how I like to call it. It is getting hotter and hotter every day and I like to drink something cold on these days. And also detoxifying :-) Maybe you already noticed it on my snapchat (@fionaschubert), but this stuff is delicious, healthy and yummy at the same time. So if you like a refreshing and summery drink here is my tip: Take about 2-3 lemons depending on how sour you like it. For me 2 are enough. Squeeze them and then just put the juice in cold water. Done :-) I also like to put a slice of lemon on top of it to keep the taste of lemon more intensive. Love!


3/7 DONE

Hello my gorgeous readers! Today was my third and last exam (for this week unfortunately..). On Saturday I have a little french diploma to do but then I will relax for the whole weekend. Maybe sleep a lot? I don't know yet. I am currently sleeping so little that I feel tired, react tired and look tired. God bless concealer! Without that I would be walking dead haha :-) Just kidding but I need a million hours of sleep after my exams. Next week there are (only) 4 more exams and then I am DONE with this year! Gosh, time went by so fast. Anyways, I started watching "Sex and the city". I don't know why I never watched it but since PLL is currently in progress I had to watch something else. And guys, I started 1 week ago and I'm already at season 3? It makes so addictive! I don't know. Carrie is such an amazing personality! And her style!! All the brands drive me crazy. Manolo Blahnik's everywhere haha! I am going to watch another episode before I am going to sleep. Good night <3

How the sunset looks every single night since weeks. Could die for this!!
No filter, no retouch, pure nature :-) This view from my window isn't bad huh?


Hello my lovely readers! I am back with a beauty post. On Sunday I experimented a bit around with my make up stuff and it went out like this :-) I liked it very much actually. I got to tell you something (I didn't want to tell you but now I have to) - A week ago or so I tried again some make up looks. And I used (after some years) an eye liner again. I remember when I used it the last time that I was quit disappointed with the result, but in this moment last week I thought it can't look that bad. But guys, I don't know why - it's the worst thing ever. I really hoped that I can also wear a perfectly painted cat eye  look, but no. I can't. Haha that was so funny, I won't show you a picture, but just imagine a face where you only see a black thick line haha, it looked ridiculous! Anyways, that's the look I went for on Sunday, hope you like it :-) Find the products I used beneath the second picture. LOVE

What I used for this look:

L'Oréal Perfect Match Foundation in N2
P2 Eyebrow pencil in Date with Ash-ton
Any brown/champaign colored eye shadow you own
Any highlighter (you can also use a glittery eyeshadow)
Chanel Gold pigment eyeliner (here also used as highlighter)
Mac Cosmetics lip pencil "Trust in red"
Mac Cosmetics lipstick "All fired up"
To curl my hair I used the "Philips BHH814/00" :-)



Hello :-) Here is finally the post I was working on for the past few weeks. As said yesterday it makes me so happy to work with this brand. Here some basic information: Shashi is a line of unique fine jewelry that's accessible and to be enjoyed by a wide, diverse demographic. Drawing deep-rooted significance from the beauty and cultures of exotic destinations around the globe, Shashi is earthy and raw yet undeniably sophisticated and elegant. They combine the seemingly opposing elements of rugged and refined to reflect a natural feeling. All their thoughtfully designed bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings are handcrafted in New York. Shashi uses materials ranging from gemstones, sterling silver, 14k plating, crystals, cotton and silk fabrics, custom leathers, creating a luxe, one-of-a-kind look. 

I am completely in love with my jewelry because I see their attention to detail, the high quality material and the perfect execution of the pieces. The bangles, the ring and the braided bracelet are the perfect jewelry for summer :-) I will wear mine with so much pleasure. Special thanks to Joe of Shashi :-) If you have any questions regarding the products, please write an E-Mail to me ( or directly to Shashi ( See all of their products HERE. Enjoy and so much love.

Diamond Hinge Cuff in White Gold HEREJasmine Cuff HERE
Diamond Bar Ring in White Gold HERE

Sasha Large Bracelet in White Gold (couldn't find it anymore :(..)
Diamond Bar Ring in White Gold ( I'm wearing size 7)
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