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3/7 DONE

Hello my gorgeous readers! Today was my third and last exam (for this week unfortunately..). On Saturday I have a little french diploma to do but then I will relax for the whole weekend. Maybe sleep a lot? I don't know yet. I am currently sleeping so little that I feel tired, react tired and look tired. God bless concealer! Without that I would be walking dead haha :-) Just kidding but I need a million hours of sleep after my exams. Next week there are (only) 4 more exams and then I am DONE with this year! Gosh, time went by so fast. Anyways, I started watching "Sex and the city". I don't know why I never watched it but since PLL is currently in progress I had to watch something else. And guys, I started 1 week ago and I'm already at season 3? It makes so addictive! I don't know. Carrie is such an amazing personality! And her style!! All the brands drive me crazy. Manolo Blahnik's everywhere haha! I am going to watch another episode before I am going to sleep. Good night <3

How the sunset looks every single night since weeks. Could die for this!!
No filter, no retouch, pure nature :-) This view from my window isn't bad huh?

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