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Good morning people :-) Hope you are all fine! I am feeling great this morning, I have two exams left and then only one week 'til SUMMER HOLIDAYS! Argh, so many plans! Today I have a free day, so I am getting ready now, having breakfast and then get some stuff done. I am currently waiting for some packages to arrive, because I am way to excited haha :-) Can't wait to show you my new goodies I am going to wear SO much. I don't know if that's only me who does this but every time I receive a delivery my room has to be completely tided up because I want it to be very special haha. Oh what problems. So I have to clean up my room until 1 pm - let's do it! PS: There will be a new outfit post on the blog tomorrow at 3 pm. See you there? Love!

Sneak peek and close up details for tomorrow's blogpost. Would love to see you! 

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