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Hello my lovely readers! I am back with a beauty post. On Sunday I experimented a bit around with my make up stuff and it went out like this :-) I liked it very much actually. I got to tell you something (I didn't want to tell you but now I have to) - A week ago or so I tried again some make up looks. And I used (after some years) an eye liner again. I remember when I used it the last time that I was quit disappointed with the result, but in this moment last week I thought it can't look that bad. But guys, I don't know why - it's the worst thing ever. I really hoped that I can also wear a perfectly painted cat eye  look, but no. I can't. Haha that was so funny, I won't show you a picture, but just imagine a face where you only see a black thick line haha, it looked ridiculous! Anyways, that's the look I went for on Sunday, hope you like it :-) Find the products I used beneath the second picture. LOVE

What I used for this look:

L'Oréal Perfect Match Foundation in N2
P2 Eyebrow pencil in Date with Ash-ton
Any brown/champaign colored eye shadow you own
Any highlighter (you can also use a glittery eyeshadow)
Chanel Gold pigment eyeliner (here also used as highlighter)
Mac Cosmetics lip pencil "Trust in red"
Mac Cosmetics lipstick "All fired up"
To curl my hair I used the "Philips BHH814/00" :-)

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