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Hello people :-) As promised here a little haul from me. I told you that I ordered some stuff a few weeks ago. Then there were some problems with the deliveries but now everything is fine! :-) On my rack it's pretty colorful atm. Normally there is always black, but I started to buy clothes in another color than black, if possible. And I think it looks good! Currently I am in love with khaki/olive green and blue. They look amazing either with black or white. And can you please tell me how stunning my new jacket is? OMG it's so beautiful I'm dying!! This croco print makes my heart beat faster haha. I couldn't find all the links but some pieces are still available, so it might be worth a look :-) PS: Outfits are on their way! LOVE

Everything new on my rack :-)
closer shot (I've tried to put some color into my wardrobe, hopefully it will last haha)
It's all about black, olive green, khaki, blue and white :-)
The most beautiful jacket I've seen in ages. So in love! Find it HERE :-)
Olive green T-Shirt. Perfect basic piece! (Unfortunately not available anymore)
New sport pants :-) These fit perfectly and make a gorgeous shape :-) Find it HERE
aaaaamazing. So in love with the cut. Bought them three years ago in black and still love them :-) Find it HERE
Favorite summer dress :-) I am going to wear it a lot! (Couldn't find it anymore :( sorry)
If you are searching for the perfect white tee, this is the one! It's such a basic piece but still so hard to find. Find a similar one HERE
Maybe you remember this leggings; I bought it 1 and a half years ago and my old one looks horrible. So I needed a new one and it's finally mine again :-) 
And last but not least a new V-neck sweater. It was in the sale section of H&M, so have a look :-) It is a bit over-sized but I think that's cool :-)

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