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Hello :-) Here is finally the post I was working on for the past few weeks. As said yesterday it makes me so happy to work with this brand. Here some basic information: Shashi is a line of unique fine jewelry that's accessible and to be enjoyed by a wide, diverse demographic. Drawing deep-rooted significance from the beauty and cultures of exotic destinations around the globe, Shashi is earthy and raw yet undeniably sophisticated and elegant. They combine the seemingly opposing elements of rugged and refined to reflect a natural feeling. All their thoughtfully designed bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings are handcrafted in New York. Shashi uses materials ranging from gemstones, sterling silver, 14k plating, crystals, cotton and silk fabrics, custom leathers, creating a luxe, one-of-a-kind look. 

I am completely in love with my jewelry because I see their attention to detail, the high quality material and the perfect execution of the pieces. The bangles, the ring and the braided bracelet are the perfect jewelry for summer :-) I will wear mine with so much pleasure. Special thanks to Joe of Shashi :-) If you have any questions regarding the products, please write an E-Mail to me ( or directly to Shashi ( See all of their products HERE. Enjoy and so much love.

Diamond Hinge Cuff in White Gold HEREJasmine Cuff HERE
Diamond Bar Ring in White Gold HERE

Sasha Large Bracelet in White Gold (couldn't find it anymore :(..)
Diamond Bar Ring in White Gold ( I'm wearing size 7)

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