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Hi guys :-) It was that time again!! Every year in summer takes place a festival called: Das Fest. Many of you might have noticed that I love this festival, because I posted an article about it last year and this year was my 5th time going there I think. This time I went with 3 friends in 3 days and it was awesome. Well, my awesome haha. Because on Friday it was raining cats and dogs (No guys seriously, my boots were filled with water!!). On the main day, Saturday, it was much colder and on Sunday it rained in between again. I have to admit the weather was better last year, but despite all this, I do not regret anything :-) Here some more pictures that were not on Instagram. Maybe we'll meet us there next year? Lots of love!

Completely exhausted after this crazy weekend - but still super happy :-)


Turtle neck jumper - Zara, Skirt and tights - H&M, Slip-Ons - Aldo, Sunglasses - Festival Sunglasses, Bag - DIY by myself 
New outfit post! :-) As in the sneak peek said here's my look with my DIY skull clutch bag. Love this bag so much. I posted 2 looks in the past with other DIY clutches, maybe you remember them? A pink one and an ostrich one :-) This look is similar to the last look, I actually just changed the upper side of the look haha :-) My mum liked this look a lot, I don't know why.. Maybe because the jumper is hers? But I like this look as well! I love dark colors and then a little eye-catcher bag makes this outfit so cool :-) What do you think? Would love to hear your opinions! LOVE



Helloooo :-) The upcoming post will be all around this look! My DIY clutch and some dark colors :-) If you would like to know the details, stay updated :-) LOVE



HELLOOOO :-) Here is finally the post about my new Mac products I talked about in my last haul. Unfortunately it was not possible to buy 2 of my desired products because they were sold out (as always), but I have comforted myself with 2 others. I hope I will be able to buy them the next time because I want them so badly!! Anyways :-) All the description is in the description box. LOVE

I am obsessed with small black packages :-)
*Emoji with heart eyes*
All the product names: More to love, Talking points, Brave and Soft&Gentle
From left to right: Lip pencil in "Talking points", Pro Longwear lip pencil in "More to love", Satin finish lipstick in "Brave" and Mineralize Skinfinish in "Soft & Gentle"
Love love love 
Perfect nude shade :-)
Make-Up ideas will follow in the next few weeks :-)
"Talking points" is a coral pinky neon shade and "More to love" is a berry red-ish kind of color :-)
This highlighter was hyped a lot and now I am a proud owner as well :-)!


Hi :-) Today I wanted to show you my new cosmetic stuff I bought in Berlin! It's not a huge haul but for me it was quite special :-) So first I went to Kiko Cosmetics as usual to buy more of my all-time-favorite nail polish! I already have some but not enough haha. And I actually wanted to buy an olive green one, but it was sold out as always :-( Then I went to Mac Cosmetics 'cause I had some products in my mind for a long long time and yeah, now they are mine!! For the Mac products there will be another post. Find the description in the description box beneath the picture. HUGS

New favorite colors :-)
From the left to the right: Sparkle T. Silver Multicolour (271), Granite Gray (327), Tattoo Rose (365) and Metallic Stone (516)
More about these products in the next post :-)


Hello guys :-) As you've already seen on Instagram I was at this year's Fashion Week in Berlin. I watched the show of Esther Perbandt, which is a new-comer designer. It was my first fashion show in the summer, and especially my first fashion show I sat in the front row. The show was divided into 2 parts. First the black and then the white clothes and then both mixed. There was not a single color throughout the show. For the designer is black less gloomy, but elegant, which I incidentally also think. What I found great was that the models were not the "run-of-the-mill" models, but they had their own eye-catcher. For example, a male model was there, which had a totally different walking style than all the others. Also was an elderly lady on the catwalk. The models have shown their own personalities, which I liked very much. After the show I saw an interview with the designer and she said she did not want the normal wear or tailor cuts, but bring her own touch with. Her clothes were not usual, each garment was unique and special. The reason why I attended this show was because the company Teufel, who produces loudspeakers and accessories, was sponsoring the designer. In this context I would like to thank you Teufel :-). I had so much fun and it was nice to make new friends. LOVE

In the sponsor lounge :-)
Some wine before the show started
Small (delicious) amuse gueule :-)
Full house :-)

Brandenburger Gate!
Minutes before the show started!
Show time!
First look :-) All black everythaaaaang.
Love those shoes!
This skirt is PERFECT!
Imagine this with high heels on a beautiful summer evening. YES!
Part 2: All white everything!
This was the man I was talking about. His walking style was everything!! :-)
This skirt (Emoji with heart eyes)
I want to wear this right now pls!! :-)
Different white shades! LOVE
Didn't know that black can look so beautiful!
The amazing Esther Perbandt at the end of her amazing show! BRAVO
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