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Hello my loves! As I said in my last post there were many important events in the past 2 weeks. One of them was the graduation of my brother. Well, you may remember the post about my sister’s graduation 2 years ago (if you’re following my blog since the beginning) and this time my brother graduated. I am the third and last one of my family who will (hopefully) graduate, so it was quite special, because I know next year I will be on the stage receiving my bac (baccalaureate);(ahh so excited!!). Anyways, here you have some pictures. We went to a great restaurant called“Watt’s“. If you have anything special to celebrate, I totally recommend this restaurant to you. It’s amazing! More questions? Please ask me, I would love to answer them. And of course I would like to say: I am so proud of my big brother :-) LOVE

Unfortunately I don't have further pictures! My brother don't want to be shown on my blog so, I am sorry :( But the dinner was great and delicious :-)

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