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Good morning folks! As the title says: I am still alive. I am incredibly sorry for not posting anything for a week, but there was so much to do and much of these things didn’t went out as I hoped they will. And most of these things were important events. So starting with the day before I went to Berlin. You might have seen on my Instagram (@fionaschubert) posting a random picture in Berlin. I actually had no time to instagram either and that have to say something.. So the reason for this was that I had lots of dance lessons in the past weeks because we are training for something very special. And when I came home I was almost dead and too tired to do anything. Then there was the graduation of brother. The next post will be all around this particular subject. And of course my trip to Berlin. There were many things to manage such as my university visit, some fashion meetings etc. and of course spending some time with the friend I visited. And the first 2 days of my trip I slept in a hotel, and for me it’s almost normal that EVERY hotel has Wi-Fi. But this one hasn’t had any and during the day it was literally impossible to take pictures, edit them, write a post about the pictures and upload them (there is still the problem I talked about a few months ago and now it’s three times harder to upload pictures). I really hope you understand that because I haven’t made this on purpose. The pictures will follow in the next days. Kisses and hugs!

My daily make-up look :-)

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