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Hi :-) Today I wanted to show you my new cosmetic stuff I bought in Berlin! It's not a huge haul but for me it was quite special :-) So first I went to Kiko Cosmetics as usual to buy more of my all-time-favorite nail polish! I already have some but not enough haha. And I actually wanted to buy an olive green one, but it was sold out as always :-( Then I went to Mac Cosmetics 'cause I had some products in my mind for a long long time and yeah, now they are mine!! For the Mac products there will be another post. Find the description in the description box beneath the picture. HUGS

New favorite colors :-)
From the left to the right: Sparkle T. Silver Multicolour (271), Granite Gray (327), Tattoo Rose (365) and Metallic Stone (516)
More about these products in the next post :-)

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