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Shirt - Joop, Shorts - MissGuided, Bag - Zara, Shoes (don't know why I don't have a picture of them sooorry, but I wore black simple sandals this day haha), Sunnies - Festival Sunglasses
As announced here my outfit of my header picture! Oh how much I love this outfit! :-) It is so simple and wearable and chic :-) Love love love it! Shirts like this one I wear so often that I stopped counting. It actually began when my dad gave me one of his old shirts and I started loving them because I like over-sized clothes anyways. So this combo is one of my all-time-favorites! :-) Hope you like it and kisses! 



Sneak peek of the upcoming post :-) The last picture is one of the first pictures my mom takes to see the lighting haha :-)
Hello babes! :-) As you might have already noticed I have a new header picture yay! I thought it was time for a new one, since my old one was taken in winter last year wearing a fur jacket?! So the next post is about my header picture :-) Here's a little preview of the next post wearing this amazing combo of black leather and baby blue color pop :-) Love this combo! I've remarked that I haven't made that much posts with one of my favorite sunnies I am wearing in this post. They are so big and so obviously that you can't really see my face but that's why I love it :-) Definitely going to wear it more often :-) But that's only one item of the whole look. Make sure to see this outfit and tell me how you like it. LOVE



Wearing my favorite TRIANGL bikini :-) Unfortunately it doesn't exist anymore but it is still one of my favorites they've ever made :-)
This bikini!! It's still the best! Maybe you remember that I received this beauty one year ago from the brand itself and it's still the perfect fit and size! I literally LIVED in this bikini during my vacay because it is so comfy, wearable, beautiful and perfect for all the activities I did! :-) You can dive, swim, play volleyball and ofc walk in it the whole day. And guess what? Despite that it is a bikini I've not felt naked! It fits so perfectly that you never have to be afraid that anybody sees something that they should not see. I think that is one of the most important things for bikinis and only a few to almost only this one do this. So if you really want a PERFECT bikini, I recommend this one. And it is not that they told me to search for good things, but I just don't have any negative things to say :-) PS: This is the last post of my vacation. LOVE



Scalloped bikini from H&M 
Oh how much I love water! :-) My parents told me that I was a real water rat when I was little haha. I loved swimming and diving and I hated my arm floats (who actually liked them?!) after some month of swimming. And it didn't change :-) I took these pictures with an underwater camera I bought for this vacation. I wanted one for so long but I thought it wouldn't be a good investment because I wouldn't use this camera as often as I use my SLR. But then I found a camera that was cheap and I've read a lot of positive comments from users. So I thought I'll give it a try and I don't regret ANYTHING. It did a great job and I don't want to go on vacation without this camera. It's the Rollei Sportsline 80 and it's around 80€ in stores :-) Really recommend it! (Wet) hugs <3


Wearing my TRIANGL bikini :-)
Hello people :-) Here's a little preview or rather a foretaste of the upcoming post :-) It is all around underwater photos. These 3 photos show a tiny part of how much fun I had underwater! The next ones will be a bit different but still beneath a water surface. Make sure to see them. Love and underwater hugs <3


View from our balcony
When in Turkey..
Ohhhh, how much I miss these sunrises in Turkey. Cozy summer mornings when I chilled on our balcony after I got up. So beautiful!! Every morning I woke up first so I thought it would be nice to relax on the balcony with some tea. Normally I wake up around 9 am but in Turkey I always woke up at 7 or so.. Sometimes it freaked me out because I was so tired and I couldn't sleep anymore, but otherwise this view was too beautiful to be angry. And now, that I am back in Germany again, I really miss this. But yeah, school is starting in 2 weeks so I must stop thinking about this and move on haha. No just kidding, I want back!! :( Sad hugs from me.



Bikini - H&M, Scarf - Review
This was so relaxing! I spent some hours at the hamam of the hotel and this one was the most beautiful I've ever seen! In all the 15 years going to Turkey as I can remember this was the best! Really guys - it was all made out of marble! It was a good feeling to take my pictures there :-) Besides of that I sweat my butt off at this place haha. And maybe you remember this scarf of my outfit pictures - I like to wear my scarfs in winter as scarfs and in summer as a cape over my bikinis. 2 in 1 is really nice, isn't it? :-) Lots of love as usual!


Bikini - Tezenis, Sunglasses - Festival Sunglasses, Beach scarf - Review, Clutch - DIY by myself
BEACH! The word I loved the most about my vacation :-) Now I am back in cold and rainy Germany. The only good thing is that I can sleep in my own bed again. It is probably the best feeling! Nothing feels better than home, your own bed and your own small room area. These photos were taken at the beach bar where I spent most of the time. It was a circulatory - go to the beach, drink and eat, swim and sleep ofc. So relaxing! The bar keepers made the best cocktails and drinks for me although I wore skulls all the time haha! Only joking.. So much love <3

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