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Wearing my favorite TRIANGL bikini :-) Unfortunately it doesn't exist anymore but it is still one of my favorites they've ever made :-)
This bikini!! It's still the best! Maybe you remember that I received this beauty one year ago from the brand itself and it's still the perfect fit and size! I literally LIVED in this bikini during my vacay because it is so comfy, wearable, beautiful and perfect for all the activities I did! :-) You can dive, swim, play volleyball and ofc walk in it the whole day. And guess what? Despite that it is a bikini I've not felt naked! It fits so perfectly that you never have to be afraid that anybody sees something that they should not see. I think that is one of the most important things for bikinis and only a few to almost only this one do this. So if you really want a PERFECT bikini, I recommend this one. And it is not that they told me to search for good things, but I just don't have any negative things to say :-) PS: This is the last post of my vacation. LOVE

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