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Sneak peek of the upcoming post :-) The last picture is one of the first pictures my mom takes to see the lighting haha :-)
Hello babes! :-) As you might have already noticed I have a new header picture yay! I thought it was time for a new one, since my old one was taken in winter last year wearing a fur jacket?! So the next post is about my header picture :-) Here's a little preview of the next post wearing this amazing combo of black leather and baby blue color pop :-) Love this combo! I've remarked that I haven't made that much posts with one of my favorite sunnies I am wearing in this post. They are so big and so obviously that you can't really see my face but that's why I love it :-) Definitely going to wear it more often :-) But that's only one item of the whole look. Make sure to see this outfit and tell me how you like it. LOVE

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