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Hello my loves! :-) On 12th of August my beloved brother turned 20 :-) I think I never or not often mentioned that I actually have a brother and a sister, both older than me.. But now you know :-) My sister is 4 years older and my brother 2. Yeah, I am turning 18 this year, how exciting!! :-) I wanted to share these pictures because it's a wonder that my brother allows me to post pictures of him because normally he's completely against it.. Don't know why because he is actually handsome?! It might sound weird but I seriously think that my siblings are pretty.. If you ask yourself why this is weird to say: Some people would never say that their siblings are beautiful or stunning! But I do because I think they are :-) Love them both from the depth of my heart and I am so thankful and grateful for such amazing people in my family. So once again: Happy happy birthday to my big brother <3 

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