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Hello my loves from TURKEY :-) As I said in my last post I am on vacation right now. The last 4 days I had an amazing day routine - wake up, have breakfast, go to the pool or beach, eat and sleep. This is what I call a vacation. I am sorry that I can't update my blog a lot but this has many reasons.. One of them is that it is incredibly time-consuming to write this post or in particular to write posts. As I already mentioned once I have a problem with the pictures on my blog.. This post took me 30 mins to write and before that I had to edit the pictures and upload them. So I hope you understand that. But if you want to be updated all the time, feel free to visit my IG @fionaschubert or my Snapchat profile with the same name :-) Thanks for your patience and understanding. LOTS OF LOVE, and enjoy the photos :-)

The view from our balcony :-) Enjoying every single morning!
1 of 3 pools :-) This is the main one!
The breathtaking view from the top :-)
Silhouettes of the mountains! 
Shuttle to the beach :-)

White beds next to the main pool :-)
Spent there mosts of the time during the last four days. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT
Could see this every single day :-)

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