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Find the products I used in this post HERE, and for the lips I used some highlighter in the center of my lips and a nude lipstick.
This post is the one I talked about in my last sneak peek. So in love with this look! I used a lot of highlighter therefore I have a glowing skin haha. I actually didn't change much of my daily make-up routine,  I just found a lip stick in one of my thousand old boxes, that is so pigmented and so light that you can't really wear it as a lipstick, but it's PERFECT as a highlighter. You know the creme highlighters you can buy nowadays and this 'lipstick' is such a thing. I don't know where it's from but you can surely find a similar one in a drugstore! :-) It leaves a bronze/rosé color on your skin which I love! And the next 'beauty hack' I have is to use a bronzer as an eyeshadow, which I did for this look. I applied it on the crease as a transition color and it looks so beautiful because it has such a shimmer! Love love love. Hope you like this look xx 



'Sneak peek' of the upcoming post, stay tuned :-)
Here's a little warm look I am showing you in the next posts. These pictures are not the actual pictures because I tried to find the perfect light.. But at the end I liked these ones too so I thought these will be my 'sneak peek' photos haha. Lots of love <3


Get their kit HERE
Hello my loves! :-) I am back with a new product that I got to try. It is the HiSmile teeth whitening kit, which, as the name suggests, whitens the teeth. I had already heard of this method on Instagram reviews of the product and was thrilled. And now I can try it as well :-)! My teeth are not necessarily yellow, but after many years of coffee and tea drinking I thought why not! Many of tooth-whitening methods are harmful to the teeth and not necessarily advisable. But this product is free of peroxides, which means that it doesn't attack the tooth layer. The peroxide free gels ensure that's safe to whiten your teeth at home. This happens with the help of LED light, which is also used in teeth whitening at the dentist. It is the most convenient way. As you can see in the pictures there is a combination of LED light, a patented mouth tray and 3 gel syringes. The whole process is the fastest and delivers results in only 10 minutes. Their teeth whitening is 100% clinically proven and tested worldwide. All of their products are strictly abide by the ADA (American Dental Association) and FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) rules and regulations. I am going to try it out and show you my results here. Ofc I'll be sharing a before and after of my experience. Can't wait, special thanks to Jess of the HiSmile Team :-) Lots of love! <3



Hello girls (and maybe boys?)! I'm back from Luxembourg where I spent the last two days! :-) If you're following me on Instagram (@fionaschubert) you might have noticed that I wasn't in Luxembourg in the whole summer holidays which had several reasons. So I wanted to go to Luxembourg really badly and I persuaded my parents to go this weekend! :-) And it was amazing as always. I thought I could do a 'Luxembourg recommendation' post 'cause it's actually my second home and I know some good insiders you might wanna know too? Tell me what you think in the comment box! So this is where I was the past two days and now I am lying in bed being tired haha. Urgh! So much to do until Monday. Am I the only one who always says: I'm going to do it tomorrow! Normally I have to do things immediately but yeah, in some cases I am so lazy.. Such as cleaning up my bedroom and stuff :/ (used this smiley for the first time on my blog I think haha). I will write a to-do-list now and maybe tomorrow night I will write if I did all of the stuff, it's my target hahaha :-) Have a beautiful Saturday night guys, dream well <3

Photo blast from the past: Luxembourg 2013 :-)


Dungarees - Kontatto, Shirt - Joop, Sandals - Birkenstock, Bag - Zara, Watch - Rado
Hello again guys :-) I am back again with an outfit post! Am I the only one who loves the trend of jeans dungarees? They are so classy! :-) My mom had one when she was young and now they are back again :-) I think that happened because you can wear them in multiple ways (Normal, one side up/down or both sides down). You can actually combine them with everything! I wore it with an over-sized shirt and Birk's because it is so easy and casual :-) It reminds me a bit of a summer day on the countryside chilling with some horses and having fun (that's what I think when I see this look haha, funny!). How do you like this look? Would you wear it differently? Tell me, I am curious. Hugs!



Wearing a Levi's camisole and a Zara checked shirt :-)
Hello folks :-) Hope you're all fine and had a great week! Today's pictures are a mix of a casual outfit and bright red cherry lips :-) This day I wore a pair of ripped jeans, a white camisole and a checked shirt. I love this combo! :-) The same if you're wearing some sweatpants with bold lips, it's so interesting how lipstick can change your whole outfit :-) I took these pictures some days ago and on this day I was such a happy girl. Everything was perfect and I was in a happy mood. I adore these kind of days! I was such a smiley-face in the past few days.. I think it's because I got so many kind e-mails from you guys :-) They make me so happy. And at this point I would like to tell you all: If you have any questions regarding anything, please write me an e-mail. It's the easiest way to communicate with you! So if you have questions or you just want to say hi or send me a love letter, write to SPREAD THE LOVE


Jumper - Vintage, Skirt - H&M, Tights - Hunkemöller, Slip-Ons - Aldo, Bag - Zara, Sunglasses - Forever 21
Hello there :-) Fall is right on its way!! I know camel is already out of the trend but I wanted to show you a look instead because I think it's perfect for the upcoming fall weather. And as I told you in one of my other outfit posts the jumper I am wearing is also vintage. I found this one in a second hand store and fell in love! It is so over-sized but I really like it :-) You can combine this sweater with so much! A pair of jeans, a skirt (as showed here), shorts or even on leggings. You can wear it chic or casual sporty. I like to wear such big jumpers with something slim, such as this skirt :-) I simply LOVE leather. Argh! In my opinion I could wear leather every day :-) Let me know what you think of this look! Hugs!


Over-sized sweater from H&M in case you've wanted to know :-)
Products I've used for this Make-Up in order:

L'Oréal Paris Perfect Match Foundation in N2
P2 Eyebrow pencil in Date with Ash-ton
Kiko Cosmetics Infinity Eyeshadow in 235
Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Highlighter in Soft&Gentle
L'Oréal Paris Volume Million Lashes Mascara in Extra black
Kiko Cosmetics Precision lip pencil in 311 Guava Pink

I don't use rouge, bronzer or a powder because I think then your skin looks cakey, too heavy and not natural anymore, in case you are wondering why I never mention these products :-) xx

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