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Hello girls (and boys)! Today was my first day of my last year of school. How exciting!! I have to imagine that I'll be FREE in less than a year and that makes me more than happy. Can't wait to walk out of this school and do what I love the most :-) But for now I have to focus on my lessons and tests and exams haha. So the first day went pretty good and afterwards I had to work so I am totally tired right now. My body has to accustom to my normal day routine and it's definitely not ready for that haha. Now I am cooking dinner and then I will relax and watch Desperate Housewives (I am actually watching 4 other series atm but I can't get myself to continue watching because I'm afraid of the end whaaaaat). I watched a few episodes with my bestie and I fell in love, so I had to watch it from the beginning. Now I am almost at season 4 haha. I'm off, bye <3

Sneak peek of the next post. Have a look! :-)

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