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Blouse - Apricot, Shorts - Brandy Melville, Shoes - Pepe Jeans, Bag - Vintage, Hat - H&M, Sunnies - Urban Outfitters
If you're a blogger and you're reading this you will probably know this problem: You're going out to take your outfit of the day and you're taking around 40-50 pictures. And you forget to check the lighting.. And you come home and see the pictures on your laptop and notice that the lighting was completely too light and you can't save/rescue the picture with editing and then you have to delete around 40 pictures?! Yeah, this was one of these days..! I was so angry you can't imagine :( But they are 10 so I should be happy.. What if I went out and the whole pictures were over-lighted? Gosh, 3 hours of work for nothing :( Sorry for narrating this but I had to.. Kisses and hugs anyways, and I actually like this look so I hope you enjoy them nevertheless..

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