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Find the products I used in this post HERE, and for the lips I used some highlighter in the center of my lips and a nude lipstick.
This post is the one I talked about in my last sneak peek. So in love with this look! I used a lot of highlighter therefore I have a glowing skin haha. I actually didn't change much of my daily make-up routine,  I just found a lip stick in one of my thousand old boxes, that is so pigmented and so light that you can't really wear it as a lipstick, but it's PERFECT as a highlighter. You know the creme highlighters you can buy nowadays and this 'lipstick' is such a thing. I don't know where it's from but you can surely find a similar one in a drugstore! :-) It leaves a bronze/rosé color on your skin which I love! And the next 'beauty hack' I have is to use a bronzer as an eyeshadow, which I did for this look. I applied it on the crease as a transition color and it looks so beautiful because it has such a shimmer! Love love love. Hope you like this look xx 

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