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Hello my loves! :-) I am back with a new product that I got to try. It is the HiSmile teeth whitening kit, which, as the name suggests, whitens the teeth. I had already heard of this method on Instagram reviews of the product and was thrilled. And now I can try it as well :-)! My teeth are not necessarily yellow, but after many years of coffee and tea drinking I thought why not! Many of tooth-whitening methods are harmful to the teeth and not necessarily advisable. But this product is free of peroxides, which means that it doesn't attack the tooth layer. The peroxide free gels ensure that's safe to whiten your teeth at home. This happens with the help of LED light, which is also used in teeth whitening at the dentist. It is the most convenient way. As you can see in the pictures there is a combination of LED light, a patented mouth tray and 3 gel syringes. The whole process is the fastest and delivers results in only 10 minutes. Their teeth whitening is 100% clinically proven and tested worldwide. All of their products are strictly abide by the ADA (American Dental Association) and FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) rules and regulations. I am going to try it out and show you my results here. Ofc I'll be sharing a before and after of my experience. Can't wait, special thanks to Jess of the HiSmile Team :-) Lots of love! <3

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