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Hello girls (and maybe boys?)! I'm back from Luxembourg where I spent the last two days! :-) If you're following me on Instagram (@fionaschubert) you might have noticed that I wasn't in Luxembourg in the whole summer holidays which had several reasons. So I wanted to go to Luxembourg really badly and I persuaded my parents to go this weekend! :-) And it was amazing as always. I thought I could do a 'Luxembourg recommendation' post 'cause it's actually my second home and I know some good insiders you might wanna know too? Tell me what you think in the comment box! So this is where I was the past two days and now I am lying in bed being tired haha. Urgh! So much to do until Monday. Am I the only one who always says: I'm going to do it tomorrow! Normally I have to do things immediately but yeah, in some cases I am so lazy.. Such as cleaning up my bedroom and stuff :/ (used this smiley for the first time on my blog I think haha). I will write a to-do-list now and maybe tomorrow night I will write if I did all of the stuff, it's my target hahaha :-) Have a beautiful Saturday night guys, dream well <3

Photo blast from the past: Luxembourg 2013 :-)

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