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Today's Make-Up look. This will be my go-to look for fall! :-)
Hello my gorgeous! Today I wanted to share with you my go-to make-up look for autumn/fall. In my previous post I showed you a look by Cara Delevingne which I love and this is a kind-of similar look (I didn't use a black shadow bc it makes my eyes smaller). I love fall colors, especially on my face! :-) For this look I went for a brown/orange/red toned eyeshadow trio and bold red lips. The lipstick is from Chanel the Nr. 109! :-) Absolutely in LOVE! Hope you like it, ask if you have any questions. xx


Oh hello holidays! :-) So I just came home from my piano lesson and put on some cozy clothing! I have holidays this week and I want to spent them with lots of cozy movie nights! I had very stressful weeks and I just want to relax once! Now I am in my bed, with PJ's on and eating some waffles (in every way: Rice waffles, Honey waffles etc) choosing a movie to watch. It's kind of difficult bc I watched so many movies in my summer holidays that I don't know what to watch right now haha (if you have any suggestions, bring it on!). Have a great Monday night guys, xx.

Sneak peek of tomorrow's post. Lots of love!


Hello guys! I wanted to share with you guys what I just found on Pinterest (which seems to be my favorite inspo app atm haha). As I am planning a shoot on Sunday I really think about recreating this look. It is just AMAZING. The eyes, lips and contouring! Totally into it. You know that I am currently playing more around with make-up 'cause I get inspired every day. If you want me to do a post on this particular subject, please comment in the down bar! :-) I will share my look on Instagram, so check it out! Good night guys, xx



Oh my! Aren't they beautiful? I love the color, the fit and the cut. These are seriously the BEST shoes for Winter.  I can't live without them anymore because they are so comfy and chic at the same time :-) These are my 5th pair and it won't stop haha. I wanted another pair this time, because I already have 3 classic pairs and one with bailey button. I ordered them from HERE and the shipping was really fast. And their package is also cute - a brown box with blue hearts on it :-) I have a normal 39 in other shoes and for them I also have a EU39/US8, in case your wondering how they fit. Ready for colder days, love xx



This look is more for these ones who love dark colors. Perfect for fall/winter :-) I found this lipstick in an old box a few weeks ago and thought it looks pretty cool (it was a no name one, sorry :-( But you can take any berry/pinkish-looking lipstick). And a moment after I imagined this lipstick with dark smokey eyes. Argh! So in love!! This is such an #allblackeverything look I would go for in a night-out. YES! Nothing else to say haha. xx


Hello girls :-) Today I wanted to show you this quick and easy way to pimp your shoes. I got this pretty fringes from, and I love them!! On the pictures you see the 'Glitter Fireworks' and I think they are perfect for an even more special look of your sneakers (I put mine on the Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers). They are removable and you can adapt them to any type of shoes with laces. These are made in France, which is extra-special! The direct link to mine is HERE. And IMPORTANT: Stay updated in the upcoming days, because there will be a giveaway for you guys. Stay tuned xx (Special thanks to Raoulle <3)



Hello my loves! It's Sunday again and I can't believe the next week is already starting tomorrow. I had to work yesterday and afterwards I had to do my homework and other school stuff. Today is an opening-sunday, which means all shops are open so I have to work today as well. So my weekend is pretty short. I actually have to study a bit more because my week will be heavy! I even didn't have time to check all my daily blogs :-(, and this is really my morning mantra. But I guess this won't change during the next year (yes YEAR!).. Now I have to get ready. Have a great Sunday xx

Sneak peek of the upcoming post. LOVE


As requested here is the DIY step-by-step tutorial how to make this lace-up shirt :-) Find all the description beneath each picture. Hope you like it xx 

Ofc you need a shirt. You can take any shirt you like :-) I took this plain white over-sized one.
Then you'll need eyelets, cord, scissors, perforator, pen and a seam ripper
I saw this picture on Tumblr and had to do it :-) So this was my inspo pic 
Then you have to remove all the buttons. For that I used a seam ripper bc that's the easiest and surest way. But you can take scissors as well!
Afterwards you have to make holes where you want to put the eyelets. Hint: Mark the places before with a pen. It's easier. And for the wholes you have a small kind of a perforator (see in picture beneath) in your eyelets box but I used a real perforator. Attention: Don't make the wholes too big!
Here is the little perforator I meant above. I made wholes where the buttons where and also between them so I have more eyelets to put :-) It's your choice! 
Then you can put in your eyelets. I used a hammer and tongs to fix them.
Then you can take your cord and tie it through the eyelets. Hint: Tie the ends of the cord with a piece of adhesive, so they can get better through the wholes. And that's it! :-) Hope you guys liked this little DIY tutorial and tell me what you think of those creative posts! :-) There will be an outfit post coming soon! Kisses


Products are mixed and no name brands. You can take the products you like best :-) 
Hello :-) Here you have a new make-up look I created for you. It is a mixture of natural and festive. I wanted to keep this look simple but still wearable for different occasions. You can either wear this for a day time look or for a night-out! :-) I used a purple eyeshadow and a pinkish lipstick to keep it very 'cute' I would say. You could have worn this eye-make-up also with a bright or bold lipstick. I played around with some rouge but just a little because it would be too much color at the end.. I contoured just a little so that my face looks slimmer. I highlighted the bridge of my nose, my cheekbones, my cupid’s bow and under the arch of my brow. It will make your face look awake and fresh and that's what we all want :-) Kisses!
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