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As requested here is the DIY step-by-step tutorial how to make this lace-up shirt :-) Find all the description beneath each picture. Hope you like it xx 

Ofc you need a shirt. You can take any shirt you like :-) I took this plain white over-sized one.
Then you'll need eyelets, cord, scissors, perforator, pen and a seam ripper
I saw this picture on Tumblr and had to do it :-) So this was my inspo pic 
Then you have to remove all the buttons. For that I used a seam ripper bc that's the easiest and surest way. But you can take scissors as well!
Afterwards you have to make holes where you want to put the eyelets. Hint: Mark the places before with a pen. It's easier. And for the wholes you have a small kind of a perforator (see in picture beneath) in your eyelets box but I used a real perforator. Attention: Don't make the wholes too big!
Here is the little perforator I meant above. I made wholes where the buttons where and also between them so I have more eyelets to put :-) It's your choice! 
Then you can put in your eyelets. I used a hammer and tongs to fix them.
Then you can take your cord and tie it through the eyelets. Hint: Tie the ends of the cord with a piece of adhesive, so they can get better through the wholes. And that's it! :-) Hope you guys liked this little DIY tutorial and tell me what you think of those creative posts! :-) There will be an outfit post coming soon! Kisses

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