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Hello :-) Here you have a new make-up look I created for you. It is a mixture of natural and festive. I wanted to keep this look simple but still wearable for different occasions. You can either wear this for a day time look or for a night-out! :-) I used a purple eyeshadow and a pinkish lipstick to keep it very 'cute' I would say. You could have worn this eye-make-up also with a bright or bold lipstick. I played around with some rouge but just a little because it would be too much color at the end.. I contoured just a little so that my face looks slimmer. I highlighted the bridge of my nose, my cheekbones, my cupid’s bow and under the arch of my brow. It will make your face look awake and fresh and that's what we all want :-) Kisses!

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