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Hello hello :-) Some weeks ago I ordered something very special for myself! I thought the time is ripe to buy something with higher quality to apply makeup, because I am currently experimenting around a lot with make-up and I think that I can achieve more with the right tools. And bc I only have 5-6 brushes atm, it was definitely time! I've been looking at different providers, but I didn't want to spend 150€ for a 32-piece set, so I've resorted to this one, which is also high quality and still has a great price. I've tried it out and I am so glad to have it!! I have for all brushes a use. But what I need anyways are blender/smoother brushes, cause the brushes in the set are tightly bound and not fluffy enough to blend eyeshadows and are mostly face brushes (concealer and foundation). I also thought of buying Zoeva brushes, because they're very good as well, and I already have a couple of them and love them. Maybe I'll buy the eye-set with some blender brushes, let's see :-) But for now this set will be highly appreciated and used - very recommendable. PS: I love the croco packaging!! So pretty! :-) And my mum said: Why the heck you need so many brushes? I told her: Why do you need so many household appliances?! Haha, loved that answer. Set available HERE (found it with Sale price!!). LOVE



Russian red lipstick with dark black smokey eyes :-)
This is the look I showed you with my "Fiona" wine bottle :-) Loved this look! 2 days ago I read an article in a magazine about make-up rules. And there they said you should not go for a two eye-catcher look. You should decide where your opposite should look at first. The eyes or the lips. But I think you can do both! If you want red lips - Put on a bright lipstick. If you want a dark smokey eye - go for a smokey eye. I think there are no rules you should pay attention for. You can do whatever you want :-) And so did I. I wanted a heavy look - so I created a heavy look. And I am pretty happy with the result. Love the russian red lips! I think it's the most iconic chic way for night-outs! :-) KISSES



Hi loves, so many of you keep asking me what my favorite drugstore products are. Sometimes it's true that high end products are much better than drugstore ones, but sometimes I like to stick to my all time favorites from drugstore. I love all of them and use them every single time I do my make-up, but my serious favorites that I can't live without and would always take with me on vacay are the Perfect Match foundation, L'Oréal Volume Million Lashes Mascara in Extra Black and the Catrice Eye brow pencil in 20 Date with Ash-Ton. Hope this helps and you like it! LOVE

 All of my favorite drugstore products. Stuff I kept buying a million times. 
Ebelin Foundation brush: As the name says, I love using this one to apply my foundation! L'Oréal Perfect Match foundation in N2: Perfect foundation, makes your skin so even and soft, applies easily and gives a nice coverage + finish. U-Spicy Brush in 27: Most incredible shape to contour and apply blush and powder. The angle makes it super easy, it don't have to be this brush, but any fluffy brush with a light angle :-) L'Oréal Volume Million Lashes Mascara in Extra Black: The BEST mascara ever. I am one of the lucky girls that have natural long lashes, and with this mascara your lashes will look so perfect.
Catrice AllRound Concealer: Perfect for every area of your face, contains all of the essential cover colors. The 2 on the right are my favorite to conceal! All time favorite Catrice Eye brow pencil in 02 Date with Ash-ton: The ultimate eye brow pencil, I swear! Cheap and extremely good as well. 
 6 shades palette (from a make-up kit box I got as a present, but any natural shade palette will be just as fine): Incredible everyday natural shades, crease, bottom lashes and outer V of you eyes will stand out like heaven! And last but not least: Catrice Liquid Metal Eyeshadow in 120 Satina Van der Woodsen: Applicable for multiple things; highlighter, eyeshadow and contouring. 


Okay guys, the countdown begins! Today in exactly one week I'm turning 18!!!!! Can't tell how excited I am. It's just a number but such a big number!! So much to prepare and so many thoughts. I made a 'bucket list', what to do before being 18. The list was long so I couldn't do everything but I'll continue when I am in my 18th year haha :-) The first thing I am going to do is picking up my driving license!! Can't wait for that, then I can finally drive by myself without asking for permission or help haha. The only thing that will be tricky is to pay the fuel.. I have so much to do until Wednesday next week, don't like that it's Wednesday but I'll make the best out of it :-) You're only turning once 18. I have to celebrate this. But some things are already assured: Mani/Pedi on Tuesday, White teeth thanks to my HiSmile kit and baking on Tuesday. It will be AMAZING. Love you guys <3

SOON!! <3


Plaid shirt - Vintage, leather jacket, leggings and bag - Zara, Shoes - Humanic, Sunnies - Ray Ban
Happy Sunday everyone!! :-) I just came back from a morning walk, because I had so much headache and now I'm feeling better. After yesterday's working day 'til 6 I was so tired and exhausted. Full week and lots of homework gave me some stress. But it's alright, I can handle it. Before the walk I edited some posts for the upcoming week bc it will be as stressful as last week. And btw: I am starting my last week as a child?? Whaaaat? As you know I am getting 18 on December 2nd and now I'm preparing and organizing everything, so that I'll have an amazing day which I am not going to forget. I have amazing family and friends and I think it will be a great day. Hope you like this outfit, lots of love! xx


Hello my gaaals, today I have another make up look for you! I know I made a lot of them in the last few months but I'm currently really into doing my make up fancy haha. So for this look I went for many gold/bronze/brown and warm colors. I went for nude lips and some glow-cheeks. I added some loose gold pigments in the inner corners of my lid for extra glam :-) Hope you like it and if you have any questions regarding products, please ask as always! :-) LOVE



Get YOUR Whitening kit HERE (It is reduced and PINK now!!)
Okay, how white are my teeth? Incredibly white! They even looks whiter in these pictures than they actually are, but they are really white! So as you know I started at a 4-5, and now I am a clear 1!! Of course some of my backteeth are still a bit darker but what you see is white and clean! And no pain and no hurt at all! :-) So happy about this product, really! Only recommended! Thanks to the HiSmile Whitening Kit!! LOVE PS: Don't know why my pictures are a bit different this time, sometimes it doesn't work anything. 


This look will be up soon, this post is like a sneak peek :-)
MY WINE!! :-) A few weeks ago my dad showed up in my room and gave me this bottle of wine, and I was like: What should I do with it? And my dad said: Read what's written on it. So I read and I began to smile because my name was on it!! Ahhh! My name is so rare that I could never find it in any stores on necklaces (you know these stands at pull-in, where they sell already engraved bracelets and necklaces? I never found my name.. Sad story). And my dad told me he saw the bottle and he thought it's funny and so did I haha :-) Now I have my very OWN bottle of wine haha. Don't know when I will drink it though.. Maybe to my 18th birthday in 2 weeks? :-)


Hello beaut's! :-) I am back with a little Mac haul, because I got some new stuff and wanted to show you them. It's not that much but things I am super happy about! :-) Find all the description in the description box beneath the pictures! Love xx

All the things I got :-) 
First things first: The most incredible lip liner x2!!! So happy about that :-) Scroll down...
A pencil/lip liner sharpener bc you can't sharpen Mac lip pencils with a normal sharpener, and bc I'm building up my lip liner collection, I thought the 7€ sharpener is worth it haha :-)
Then the Mac Pro Palettes bc I want to mix my favorite eyeshadow colors in one palette. And what's better than Mac eyeshadows? :-) I got the X15 Fill-In Palette + the box to hold them in :-) You have to buy them separately, both together are for 26€! :-)
And heeere they are!! :-) The ultimate lip color: SOAR. Everyone is talking about it and I think it's the perfect color for every season. I have to get myself to put it on bc it's so perfect I don't want to ruin it haha. It's actually a funny story bc I was in Berlin, giving my best and trying so hard to find this lip pencil, in Berlin there are 5 (!) Mac stores I visited and none of them had this pencil. In the capital of Germany in 5 Mac stores?! Didn't understand that but anyways. Always sold out online, didn't get my hands on them in forever. So I told my dad, bc he was in the US some weeks ago, to just randomly ASK in one Mac counter if they had it. And what happened? Some hours later he sent me a picture of 2 (!) of them. I was so happy and couldn't believe it. Yeah, I know they're just lip pencils, but if something is rare, it's so amazing to find and have it haha :-) That was my little story... They're 16€ each.
Here you see the Fill-In palette in the storage palette. Don't have any eyeshadows yet, but soon :-) Do you have any favorite must have eyeshadow from Mac? Write me in the comment box :-)
Oh yesss, looking forward for 15 beautiful shades! :-)
And yeah, my pretty little pencil/lip liner sharpener haha :-)
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