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Okay guys, the countdown begins! Today in exactly one week I'm turning 18!!!!! Can't tell how excited I am. It's just a number but such a big number!! So much to prepare and so many thoughts. I made a 'bucket list', what to do before being 18. The list was long so I couldn't do everything but I'll continue when I am in my 18th year haha :-) The first thing I am going to do is picking up my driving license!! Can't wait for that, then I can finally drive by myself without asking for permission or help haha. The only thing that will be tricky is to pay the fuel.. I have so much to do until Wednesday next week, don't like that it's Wednesday but I'll make the best out of it :-) You're only turning once 18. I have to celebrate this. But some things are already assured: Mani/Pedi on Tuesday, White teeth thanks to my HiSmile kit and baking on Tuesday. It will be AMAZING. Love you guys <3

SOON!! <3

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