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Hello hello :-) Some weeks ago I ordered something very special for myself! I thought the time is ripe to buy something with higher quality to apply makeup, because I am currently experimenting around a lot with make-up and I think that I can achieve more with the right tools. And bc I only have 5-6 brushes atm, it was definitely time! I've been looking at different providers, but I didn't want to spend 150€ for a 32-piece set, so I've resorted to this one, which is also high quality and still has a great price. I've tried it out and I am so glad to have it!! I have for all brushes a use. But what I need anyways are blender/smoother brushes, cause the brushes in the set are tightly bound and not fluffy enough to blend eyeshadows and are mostly face brushes (concealer and foundation). I also thought of buying Zoeva brushes, because they're very good as well, and I already have a couple of them and love them. Maybe I'll buy the eye-set with some blender brushes, let's see :-) But for now this set will be highly appreciated and used - very recommendable. PS: I love the croco packaging!! So pretty! :-) And my mum said: Why the heck you need so many brushes? I told her: Why do you need so many household appliances?! Haha, loved that answer. Set available HERE (found it with Sale price!!). LOVE

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