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Plaid shirt - Vintage, leather jacket, leggings and bag - Zara, Shoes - Humanic, Sunnies - Ray Ban
Happy Sunday everyone!! :-) I just came back from a morning walk, because I had so much headache and now I'm feeling better. After yesterday's working day 'til 6 I was so tired and exhausted. Full week and lots of homework gave me some stress. But it's alright, I can handle it. Before the walk I edited some posts for the upcoming week bc it will be as stressful as last week. And btw: I am starting my last week as a child?? Whaaaat? As you know I am getting 18 on December 2nd and now I'm preparing and organizing everything, so that I'll have an amazing day which I am not going to forget. I have amazing family and friends and I think it will be a great day. Hope you like this outfit, lots of love! xx

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